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Basic Information

The Micro Niche Finder affiliate program is managed by ClickBank. If you are not familiar with ClickBank see below for details and free membership information.

Micro Niche Finder Affiliate Commission: 50%
Micro Niche Finder Product Price: $99.99
Micro Niche Finder Sales Page:
Micro Niche Finder Affiliate Link:
Note: Copy the above link and replace AFFILIATE with your ClickBank ID.

Affiliate Update List

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Signing up for a ClickBank Affiliate Account

If you are not already a ClickBank member you can sign up for free at:

The Details... Depending on the list we've been getting as much as 5.8% conversion rate. (Obviously, your results may vary.)

Your affiliate link (above) sends the prospect to an opt-in page. We have found the opt-in increases conversions 250% OVER TOTAL TRAFFIC due to the follow-ups we send for several days. The prospects is cookied so you get credit for the sale even if the prospect orders days or weeks later.

The opt-in (squeeze page) is working very well and I urge you to send traffic to the default link at:
(replace AFFILIATE with your ClickBank ID)

However, if you would prefer to send your traffic directly to the sales page you can do so using this link:
(replace AFFILIATE with your ClickBankID)

Here is an email that has worked very well. Feel free to modify this email and send to your list:

Subject: 5 little-known profit streams...


Hi [[firstname]],

My friend James Jones has just filmed 5 videos that show you 5 different ways anyone can profit from little known Under-the-Radar niche markets.

You can check them out on his website at:

Talk to you soon,


You can also send the prospects to the videos first. This works great in a 5 day autoresponder series: (replace CBID with your ClickBank ID below)

Video 1: Create Simple Little One Page Sites to Promote Affiliate Products that Pay You Regular Commissions

Click here for sample link to video 1

Video 2: Exploit Amazon for Easy Affiliate Commissions:

Click here for sample link to video 2

Video 3: Create Niche Market Private Label Rights Packages and Sell these for a Quick Profit:

Click here for sample link to video 3

Video 4: Find 'Type In Traffic' Keywords for Set and Forget Revenue Streams:

Click here for sample link to video 4

Video 5: Sit and watch Micro Niche Finder in action:

Click here for sample link to video 5


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Let me know if you need anything else. And if you have any questions you can email me at

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