Training Videos and New Features for
Micro Niche Finder v5

An Overview of Version 5 (3:01)

Getting Started

Installing and Activating (2:10)
Checking for Program Updates (1:42)
Options and Quick Start Icons (6:40)

Finding Keywords

Search Options and Overview of Search Screen (3:25)
Queuing results - Check/Uncheck, Filtering, Easy Button, Hide/Show (2:20)
Explanation of left-click menu (4:58)
Importing and Exporting Keywords (11:50)
Updating the USB drive to v5 (1:39)
Find a niche in under 10 minutes with Micro Niche Finder (6:23)
Watch as James shows you the best way to use Micro Niche Finder (4:55)

*Click here to watch more videos on how to use
the niche keywords you've just found!

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